Tall case clock dating

Literature: for a discussion of early bailey tall clocks, see robert cheney and phillip zea, clock making in new england: 1725-1825 specifically, figure 1-17, page 23, shows a clock with a brass movement and a similar, though likely slightly later case also, for a discussion on baily's early cases, see brock jobe and gary sullivan, furniture. An admittedly simple-minded approach for a start in dating is to compare the features of your clock's dial and case to photos in reference books our reading list includes the main references, and most of these books are available from specialist booksellers or libraries be careful here: the forms of cases and dials changed very gradually.

Some of the best collections of original colonial tall-case clocks can be seen at the university museum of clocks and watches in new york city, at the american clock and watch museum, bristol, connecticut, and at the. Dating your british grandfather clock or, should i say, how to determine the age of your british grandfather clock between about 1780 and 1870, floor clocks from england, scotland, and wales were made with painted dials, which were probably much less costly to make than the earlier dials with polished brass and filigree artwork. The clock case has a carved swan-neck pediment swan necks increased in popularity from the mid 18th century to the present time london swan-neck cases are known, but they are very rare most london clocks of the time have arched or pagoda tops, figure 6 swan necks are predominantly a provincial feature, although it is possible, but.

An unsigned mahogany cross banded cherry case tall case clock of new england origin an unsigned maple case tall clock of new hampshire origin concord region no 27064 concord region no 27064. 49 rows english longcase this chart will give an approximate date for your painted.

Item id: 2120 - lenzkirch precision regulator clock - mahogany case with original finish is 58 tall, 16 wide and 8 deep the silvered dial is 10 in diameter original blued steel hands the 8 day, precision regulator movement is signed lenzkirch and numbered 1 million and 963328 dating the clock to 1921 the movement has thick plates with. Dating english tall case clocks smith, leamington striking regulator dating english tall case clocks clockitem id 1975 smith, antique english tall case clocks reproduction tall case clocks leamington english striking regulator clockthe superbly carved oak case is 82 tall.

I was reading an old tread of 2005, as a result of an a google search that led me back to nawcc i have a tall case 3/4 westminster made by hamburg.

  • Benjamin morris tall clock circa 1780 benjamin morris made this tall case clock around the 1780's, we believe it has been passed down on my wife's side of the family we know it was bought it has been passed down on my wife's side of.

Find great deals on ebay for antique tall case clock shop with confidence. Shop for-and learn about-antique grandfather clocks how did grandfather clocks—also known as tall-case, longcase, coffin, hall, standing, upright, long, or. French grandfather clocks and longcase clocks french grandfather clocks and longcase clocks newest 60 per page this tall, french oak clock case was made in the 19th century a quartz movement and 20th century face with coq wreath adornment have been added fabric panels soften the glass windows country french interiors late 18th century french carved oak and painted longcase clock. Here are a few more features to look for when dating your clock : - brass dials continued to be made in the southern counties until 1830 or even later.

Tall case clock dating
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